About MLWA

The Montana Land and Water Alliance was formed by Concerned Citizens of Western Montana.† We are water users and landowners who live throughout western Montana. We are a volunteer grassroots organization, and are not funded with grants, tax dollars, or foundation monies.  Our efforts thus far have demonstrated that the hard work of dedicated citizens can make a difference.

Over the past 3 1/2 years, Concerned Citizens of Western Montana have focused their efforts on providing the public with accurate and factual information about the Flathead water compact using the details of the documents themselves.† We have also built a large grass roots movement of interested parties within and outside of the Flathead Reservation in the eleven counties affected.

We believe that good alternatives still exist to this very bad document, up to and including adjudication, and that citizens must challenge all important and egregious aspects of the compact as itís currently written.  A compact no matter what the cost to the state of Montana is not an acceptable outcome.

In 2015, the Montana legislators failed ensure that the compact reflected an equitable agreement that addresses the water needs of the CSKT as well as the 360,000 non-Indians residing throughout western Montana.† They also fell short of protecting future growth and development in our state for new generations of Montanans.

Our research and analysis of the Flathead Water Compact speaks to its significant and far reaching implications that must be challenged.

For that purpose, Concerned Citizens formed the MONTANA LAND AND WATER ALLIANCE, an organization created specifically to launch an aggressive strategy against the proposed Flathead Water Compact.††

The Montana Land and Water Alliance is a volunteer organization.† This means that 100% of our donations are used for legal defense against the compact. We diligently strive to keep legal expenses down by working closely with our legal team and assisting them with research and providing them with any information necessary to† give them the context needed for their work.†

To learn more about the compact issues responsible for the formation of the Montana Land and Water Alliance, check out the videos posted on this page, or visit our blog at WESTERN MONTANA WATER RIGHTS.†

The blog includes a significant number of historical and legal documents as well as commentary related to the water compact.


Land and Water Alliance

Hidden War (16 minutes)


CSKT Compact in 15 Minutes

MLWA Introduction (6 min)